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  • 季节英语作文美丽的秋天


    Call - call - call! Hear the voice of wind. Ah! Autumn is finally here!

    Garden, chrysanthemum competing opened! There are white the light yellow of … … Colorful chrysanthemums flourish in light wind, as if greeting them with people! Sweet-scented osmanthus trees out of the light yellow flowers. A wind blowing, a fresh wind into the nose, ah, really incense!

    Orchards, the apple red, like little brother's face. Aunts and uncles are tiptoe with apple picking. Thunk! A ripe apple from the tree fell down. Persimmon tree, hanging on a persimmon tree, far from looking like a red lantern! Grapes on a channeling channeling a , as one finally purple beads, purple was black, people really want a bite it.

    Fields, the endless golden rice, just like the earth covered with a layer of gold to the carpet. Farmers are busy on the busy man under, while cutting rice, while rice into basket. Face expression of joy and happiness.

    Autumn is a season of charming scenery, it is a harvest season. Ah! The fall, you really beautiful you!






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